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About Shanghai Portland!

According to legend, and some very concrete loose evidence, back in the late 1800’s, Portland folks would actually get “shanghaied” and handed over to sea captains and forced to work in a very slave-like fashion with no pay.  It is said they would actually be abducted via trap doors from pubs or brothels into secret tunnels until they could be brought to ship.

It is in this tradition that we will “shanghai” you away onto our party bus, show you an amazing time, and deliver you safely home.  But none of that nasty work stuff, we promise.

And, oh yeah!  We have a  5 STAR RATING  on Facebook and on Yelp!


SAFETY YES, we are permitted! and YES we are insured!

  • We only hire consistently safe and attentive drivers which have excellent driving records

  • Shanghai Portland has a PERMIT from the City of Portland which ensures that we also have permitted drivers, a structurally safe vehicle, and appropriate insurance.

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